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Beyond Socialism

Beyond Socialism is an introductory and educational website on the principles and vision of social anarchism.  


The individuals above, through their writings, have provided us with the basic principles, philosophies and ideals of anarchism.  

Our aim is to be a source of reference for the legends of anarchism.  The information is provided in an easy-to-find, easy-to-use, easy-to-read format so you can quickly go to the information you are looking for. The information provided for each and every individual legend is as follows:

  • The individual's name and life history,
  • The individual's philosophy,
  • Quotes by the individual, and
  • Books or other material published by the individual.

Please enjoy and use this website to spread the revolutionary vision of anarchism!


Legends of Anarchism 2

Legends of Anarchism 2 provides information on the lesser-known individuals who made notable contributions to anarchism. 


….it is striking that in our ostensibly democratic society, the vast majority of Americans spend 8 hours a day in an institution where they leave their democratic rights at the door—the workplace. With private capital largely calling the tune in terms of what workers do at work and what the results of that work are ….

The Next System Project / The Pluralist Commonwealth